Accra, Ghana

Posted: January 1, 2010 in International

Accra is one of my favorite places in Africa – but mostly because the people are soooo friendly! Here, people get to know you, and they welcome you back. My last visit was over a year ago, and many of my “friends” at the marketplace remembered my face or name! I forgot how much I love this place! Mental note: come back on my own time… anyone want to join me?

The marketplace is my favorite spot to go on my layovers Yes, I am approached constantly by vendors trying to lure me into their shops to buy their goods, but I actually welcome the crazy bartering, and explaining to them that the white people like to browse and “window shop” before we make a decision to buy. Just because we pick it up to look at it doesn’t mean we want to buy it. I’ve come away with so many treasures, from shea butter scraped straight from the tree to ebony carved elephants, a 4 1/2 foot ebony giraffe and numerous Christmas gifts. I’m convinced that the handiwork and crafts in Ghana are some of the best in Africa.

One flight attendant, in particular that I flew with this trip,  is here to see her son. She adopted him not too long ago – a brilliant teenager who originally escaped Sudan. Because he is not from Ghana, it is very difficult to obtain his birth certificate and other papers, so she is having a hard time getting him back to the States. That said, he is officially adopted, and has now been taken out of the orphanage to live with another family. Her story was extremely touching, and has yet to have an ending… (update- he is now back with her in the USA)

These are just a few of the reasons why I love Africa. There is always a story. I live for them, and learn from them. It makes me a better person.


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