Happy New Year from Africa!

Posted: January 1, 2010 in International
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Dakar, Senegal, Africa:

As I pushed open the airplane door and stepped into the African air, my senses came alive – the smell of the country and the rush of warm moist air. I could feel my body give out a long sigh, as if a burden has lifted off my shoulders. This is the feeling I long for when I come back to Africa, and I am never disappointed.

Our 48 hour layover is hardly long enough to do all I want while I’m here, but I get started by debriefing myself from the long flight down at the hotel pool.  The warmth of the sun penetrates my body (and soul) as I slip away from the memory of recent cold winter days in NY. I note the sound of crashing waves from the Atlantic Ocean – so  many worlds away from my home in California – and tune in to the song of chirping birds. I find myself making eye contact with a lizard doing push ups on the rocks – surely a mating call?

I pulled out my pen and paper, ready to start my New Year off by listing my  resolutions (yes, I really do like doing this!) and couldn’t help but think that I’m exactly where I want to be to start the new year. Days like this in faraway lands make me take a deep breath, get away from the hustle and bustle of life, soak up a little “me” time and think about what truly matters in life – the little things. It’s already putting my 2010 in perspective.

So, my hopes and wishes for you all in the New Year is that you can take a moment to sit back in your own “exotic” place and revel in the little things that go on around you – and to realize that the world won’t stop just because you do for a moment.

Happy New Year! And greetings from one of my favorite places on Earth!


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