Stuck in Budapest due to the volcanic ash…

Posted: April 19, 2010 in International
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There’s a rumor going around that with all of our 550 crew members that have been stuck for over 6 days in Europe, half are now going commando! Remember this when you say hello to your crew as you FINALLY board your plane back to the US this week. Wait – you all are probably going commando too! 🙂 Maybe this thought will keep a smile on everyone face on our journeys home. I know mother nature interrupted our lives drastically this week, but let’s look at the humor in it, folks!

I’ve actually enjoyed my “mini” vacation. I’ve had a chance to tour Budapest, take fantastic photos, get outside of the city to explore, and have even had time to relax. Tomorrow, I end my visit with a Moroccan massage and facial. Life is rough, isn’t it? I hope you enjoyed your unexpected stay as much as I did…

Here’s just a taste of my stay in Budapest – what a great city!

© Sherry Martin Photography

  1. Beverly says:

    Hi Sherry,

    Some of life’s best gifts aren’t planned. My daughter in law and grandchildren are here from Turkey. Her flight back is next Monday. She flies from JFK to Istanbul. Are the flights pretty much back on schedule?
    Your photos are beautiful!!! Much love to you, Beverly

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