Salt Rock, South Africa

Posted: May 9, 2011 in International

One of my favorite people in the world got married last month. Kim, also known as “Keeks” was a student at Brooks Institute of Photography with me back in 2006. She is South African, and her beautiful wedding was held in March 2011 in Salt Rock, a gorgeous beach town off the Indian Ocean.

Keeks is one of my favorite people in the world… and her family is right up there! Her new husband is wonderful, and I know she’s ecstatic to be married to him.  Gina (my cousin) and I stayed with Keeks’ uncle, at a place overlooking the sea. The accommodations were wonderful! We couldn’t have asked for a better place to stay! Thanks for the hospitality, the warmth, the memories, and congratulations Keeks and Adi! (who, by the way, went to Sri Lanka for their honeymoon!!!)

Here are a few images taken by Gina’s little camera. The photos don’t do the place justice – Salt Rock is an incredible beach community! We saved the big camera for the game drive… (read more about it next post!)


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