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In less than 24 hours of my layover, I am thoroughly convinced that Prague is one of the greatest cities in the world. A great walking city, it’s mysterious and bursting with gothic vibes, rich in history and architecture.

We toured the city in a classic car in awe of the spires that speckled the cityscape, walked the ancient cobblestone streets, and tooled around the castle grounds – the largest castle area in the world. We stopped in our tracks to hear of the atrocities of the Old Jewish Cemetery, where more than 100,000 Jews are buried in this small plot of land, the graves being layered 12 deep in some places.

We walked the Charles Bridge among Czech artists, musicians and souvenir vendors who line both sides of the stone Gothic bridge next to the Baroque statues (30 in total).  Dinner was eaten on a rooftop overlooking the castle at sunset, and was about the only thing that didn’t meet our expectations. Known for their beer, not food, we passed it off and gathered with soccer fans in the square to watch the World Cup on a big screen TV in the Old Town Center. To top off the night, we walked back to the Charles Bridge to photograph and enjoy the breathtaking view of the lit Prague Castle against the evening sky.

These images hardly do it justice. This layover, I decided to put down the camera often and revel in the city’s magical ambiance. There’s always next time… I will definitely be back!

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My awesome crew!

Posted: June 29, 2010 in International, Photography
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I had a blast getting to know Prague with my crew, but I also thought they were extremely photogenic, so I took advantage of putting them up against a beautiful Prague background. Meet Seth, Mona and Rebecca.

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